Adventures in Microdemocracy (possibly Nanodemocracy)

How can I make biking a little better in my neighborhood?

About a year ago I popped the front tire on my bike when I hit a small but feisty pothole at an intersection near my house. This morning I saw someone else defile their bike tire on this same profane gap in the pavement. Arrrrrggh!!!!! So I decided I’d try to do something about this scourge. Google got me to this article quickly.

Bike Path Maintenance: Updates and How to Directly Request Repairs

But then I realized that while is a great resource… it isn’t the place to go for general street repair. I eventually ended up on and clicked through the Street Problem/Repair and Pothole – Small Asphalt Repair form options.

This form, though, has a fatal flaw.

There is no field where you can type in the details of the problem. Bike potholes look like a big bunch of nothing-to-see-here for people who drive cars. I’m imagining a road crew coming out, looking around, not seeing anything obviously hostile to a car and getting back in their truck.

I have a feeling I’ll be going back to this question in a week or two and making some phone calls. In the meantime I might just spray paint a big orange warning squiggle in the street in front of the pothole.